Alfred Stieglitz

one photographer: Alfred Stieglitz

"Alfred Stieglitz and Painting by Georgia O'Keeffe"
An American Place, New York City, 1944

Bio: American photographer, born in 1864 - "father of modern photography" - mainly because he tried to influence the public to recognize photography as an 'art' like painting, sculpture etc.

1875 - started to interest in photography, fool around in a darkroom.
1882 - studied mechanical engineering and photography at the Polytechnic of Berlin.
1883 - bought his first camera.
1902 - became one of the founders of the Photo-Secession movement. More info about Photo-Secession @Wiki
1903 - created and became editor of Camera Work journal.
1916 - started to take photographs of painter Georgia O'Keeffe, hundreds of portraits & nudes.
1924 - married with O'Keeffe.
1930 - started to take photographs of Dorothy Norman, portraits & nudes. (not married her.)
1937 - stopped taking photographs due to health problems and died in 1946.

At first sight: looks like every cliché is firstly discovered by Steiglitz.

Main subject: portraits of O'Keffe & street snapshots.

one photograph: "Spring Showers, NY, 1902" by Alfred Stieglitz

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  1. Kafka'nın Amerika'sını okurken bir yandan da Stieglitz'in fotoğraflarına bakmak gibisi yoktur.