Joel-Peter Witkin

one photographer: Joel-Peter Witkin

portrait from a tribute to genious

Bio: American photographer, born in 1939, studied sculpture, photography & art history at various universities, made researches about poetry - became Master of Fine Arts - In the army in vietnam he photographed accidents and suicides, he was always interested in corpes, spent most of his time in morgues.

Seeks for models by newspaper advertisements. Preferred models are listed below at main subject part.

At first sight: Shockingly weird, a very powerful attack to change public opinion.

Main subject: Dwarfs, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, physically deformed people, bearded women, women with tail, wings or horn, women with more than two nipples, disabled people, people with unnaturally big organs, dead bodies, dead born childs&fetus...

one photograph: "The Kiss, (Le Baiser) - New Mexico 1982" by Joel-Peter Witkin

Note that it is a real dead man head, bisected and composed by Witkin.

Hannah Starkey

one photographer: Hannah Starkey

- will be added soon if I could find one -

Bio: British photographer, borned in 1971, still lives and works in London, studied photograph and film at Napier University and has master of arts degree in photography from Royal College of Art. First solo exhibition is in 1998 wow! @age 27!

At first sight: Loneliness.

Main subject:Young women alone in boxes (cafes, rooms, shopping malls, tubes etc.)

one photograph "Untitled - May 1997" by Hannah Starkey


biography&additional info @Saatchi
a very cool article @Frieze

additonal note: I came across by her name while I was reading an article about Automat of Edward Hopper - an artist that also deals with alone people.

Toni Frissell

one photographer: Toni Frissell

"I'd Rather Stalk with a Camera Than a Gun", 1935
Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Bio: American photographer, borned in 1907, was a fashion photographer, became one of the freelance photographers of World War II, official photographer of the Women's Army Corps, after WWII took informal portraits of formal people and in 1988 died of Alzheimer.

At first sight: Snapshots of very life.

Main subject: Human, espcially woman @ every part of life.

one photograph by Toni Frissell
@Library of Congress