What is Strategy -

"and does it matter? diye devam ediyor Whittington'ın sorusu, klasik stratejik yönetim teorileriyle dalgasını geçmeden önce.

Giriş cümleleri biraz fikir verecektir, ben çok güldüm:

Amazon.com lists forty-seven books available with the title Strategic Management. Most are thick tomes, filled with charts, lists and nostrums, promising the reader the fundamentals of corporate strategy. .... These texts generally sell at around $50. 

There is a basic implausibility about these books. If the secrets of corporate strategy could be acquired for $50, then we would not pay our top managers so much.

Whittington, R. (2008) What is strategy – and does it matter? Thomson, London. (Chapter 1)

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